Instructions on how to submit and pay for Life Membership in the Florida Division SCV 

An eligible member in current good standing can apply for a Life Membership in the Florida Division. 

Life memberships are available to members of the Florida Division who have previously completed requirements of S.C.V. Life Membership at the National level. 

Florida Division Life Membership dues are set at a onetime payment per the following table:(In effect July 31, 2023 by Division Executive Council) 

Age 64 and under  $225.00 

Age 65 to 79      $112.50 

Age 80 and older   $56.25 

These shall be exempt from future Division annual dues. Florida Division Life members shall be entitled to all the benets of annualmembers of the Division. The Division Commander may, at his discretion, authorize a medal, badge, pin or device to identify such life members of the Division. The cost of any such medal, badge, pin or device shall be borne by the member. 

Payment of the required one time Life Member dues does not automatically confer Life Member status. As part of its certification process, the Division requires proof of National Life Membership. Please pay close attention to the details for payment and on theform below for instructions on how to submit proof of status. 

Payments can be made by remitting a check to the Division Adjutant or by credit card via the procedures detailed below.


 To submit an application and check:

1. Download the application from the Division Documents (/index.php/about-the-division/division-documents) page.

2. Complete the application.

3. Write out a check in the amount from the table above made payable to: Florida Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.

4. In the memo section of the check insert Florida Divison Life Membership

5. Attach a copy of your SCV National Life Certicate or other proof of National Life membership to your application

6. Mail your check with your application and proof of National Life membership to Division Adjutant, PO Box 65544, Orange Park, FL 32065

7. If you have questions about this process, please contact the Division Adjutant at:


1. On Line Credit Card payments for Division Life Membership can be submitted by completing the short application below. Failure to properly follow this section may result in significant delay in processing your application and refunding of your payment ifapplicable.

2. You must certify that you are a current National Life Member by answering the question “Are you a current National Life Member?”. And you must have acceptable proof such as a Life Member Certificate.

3. If you do not have acceptable proof DO NOT certify by answering that question.  

4. If you have acceptable proof and have certified such by answering that question, you will be be able to complete your credit card payment process.

5. Click on the Credit Card Payment Button. You will be redirected to the payment site.

6. Complete your personal and credit card information

7. In the block for “What is your Camp Number” please add your camp name and number and your SCV # if you know it. 

8. Please review your information and when ready click the “Make Donation” button.

9. You should receive a confirmation from QGiv.

10. After completing payment, please send a copy of your National Life Certificate to the Florida Division Adjutant at