White Springs

Location- 30°18’53.4″N 82°48’13.5″W

Established- Feb. 2002

How tall is your flagpole? 100 Foot [Built by Concord Industries in TX.]

What flags do yall fly? Mostly Naval Jack Battle Flags. Some Third Nationals.

What size flags to yall fly? Currently 20’X30’ and in the past 15’X20’s & a few 10’X18’s.

How many flags do yall go through in a year? Depends on the weather, by the 90 day mark will have to watch for damages starting

Who pays for flags- Battle of Olustee Camp 1463

Point of Contact- Robert Tucker

Email Address- olusteereb@aol.com

SCV Camp- Battle of Olustee Camp 1463



-Established- 1999

Location- 0746 Hwy-27, Havana Florida. GPS coordinates, 30.6810441 / 84.3833732

The Division owns a 20’ x 20’ piece of property 1 mile South of the Georgia State line on US Hwy 27.

Flags Flown- 12’x18’, 10×15’, and 12 x 12” Battle Flags. There was once a 12×18 Bonnie Blue flown for a while.

 Pole- is approximately 50’. With a “M” type winch and internal halyard.

Who pays for flags- Finley’s Brigade, Camp 1614

Point of Contact- Mark R. Bess

Email Address- Saafinleysbrigade@ivloud.com

SCV Camp- Finley’s Brigade, Camp 1614


Location- 10418 US 92, Tampa, FL 33610

Established- April 25, 2009

Pole Height- 139ft. tall

Flags used- AOT-3rd Nat.-7star 1st Nat.-13star 1st Nat.

30ft X50ft, Looking into 25ft X 40ft

Flag Company used- Ruffin

How many flags gone thru per year- 2-3 depends on weather

Who repairs flags- Gen. Early Camp have been able to handle repairs

Who pays for flags- Gen. Jubal Early Camp

Point of Contact- Jeff Cotton

Email Address- jcotten33@gmail.com

SCV Camp- Gen. Jubal Early Camp 556


Established- 2020

Location- 8451 Old Kings Rd., Jacksonville, Florida. GPS coordinates,

 The Kirby-Smith Camp owns the piece of property on the south side of Old Kings Rd on the west side of I-295.

 Flags Flown- 10×15’, Bonnie Blue, 1st National, 2nd National, 3d National, Naval Jack, U.S., and Police Memorial Flag

Pole- is approximately 50’. With a “M” type winch and internal halyard.

Who pays for flags- Kirby-Smith Camp SCV

Point of Contact- Chris Bunton

Email Address- buntonator@gmail.com

SCV Camp- Kirby-Smith, Camp 1209